Visiting Graduate Student Scholarship Program of Yuelu Academy, Hunan University

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The Yuelu Academy of Hunan University provides scholarships for international graduate students attending graduate school outside China to conduct academic research in China.

I. Eligibility criteria

1.Applicants should be currently enrolled in a master or doctoral program in institutions in partnership with Yuelu Academy.


applicants should be currently enrolled in a master or doctoral program in the world’s top 200 institutes or universities;

2. Applicants should have no criminal records;

3. Applicants should be in good health.

II. Application procedures

(1) Individual applicants:

1. Applicants are encouraged to contact potential supervisors before application. The application materials should be submitted in electronic form via E-mail to the secretary of Overseas Academic Exchange Center of Yuelu Academy. E-mail address:;

2. Qualifications will be examined by committee, and an invitation letter will be sent to the selected applicant;

3. Selected applicants use the invitation letter for Chinese visa application.

(2) Applicants from institutions in partnership with Yuelu Academy

1. Institutions in partnership with Yuelu Academy should contact the Academy in advance to determine the number of exchange students and the duration of stay;

2. Application materials will be examined and approved by Yuelu Academy;

3. After examination, invitation letters will be sent to the selected applicants.

(3) Required application materials

1. Personal CV;

2. Research proposal;

3. A letter of recommendation from the student’s advisor.

III. Exchange program type

Scholarly visit from three months to a year.

IV. Benefit provided by Yuelu Academy

1. A scholarship of RMB 4,000 /person/month as well as subsidies for transportation will be provided by the academy;

2. Yuelu Academy will provide an invitation letter to help students apply for the Chinese visa;

3. Yuelu Academy will assist students for program registration and applying for accommodation from Hunan University;

4. Students can participate in courses provided by the Yuelu Academy with the consent of the instructors, use academy facilities, and have access to the university library;

5. A special grant could be awarded if there is any publication published in a top-tier journal by the student as the first author with the Yuelu Academy as his/ her first affiliation.

V. Responsibilities and obligations

1. The visiting students are expected to give an academic talk in Yuelu Academy, and to attend at least one activity held by the Overseas Academic Exchange Center;

2. During the visit term, while attending academic activities, the students should specify their status as the visiting students of Yuelu Academy;

3. Students are expected to keep in contact with their supervisor and the Overseas Academic Exchange Center during their visit, and keep them informed of their travel plan;

4. During the visit term, health insurances are required and should be purchased by the visiting students;

5. Students should be willing to abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and the rules and regulations of Hunan University, and be willing to respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people.

VI. Term dates

Spring term: From March to July

Autumn term: From September to January

We encourage students arrival in term date, but not require it.

If the applicant needs to apply for student visa, please submit the application in spring semester for the autumn semester; and please submit your application in advance to leave time for visa application.

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